Colleges with Digital Marketing Majors

Comparison of Best Colleges with Digital Marketing Majors 


colleges with digital marketing majors

The number of colleges with digital marketing majors has increased in importance over the past few years. Reason being, digital marketing is a career that is advancing as fast as technology. Every time a new social media platform or innovative technology overtakes the market, companies strive to stay relevant. 

The technical definition according to the Business dictionary of digital marketing is “The promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media.” (Read more about marketing terms here.) An example of digital marketing in your everyday life is a YouTube ad featuring Nike’s new product, that plays before your selected video. Someone from marketing took the time to design and implement the ad for Nike. In short, marketing divisions help promote products and services for companies through the web, social media, branding, and analytics.


digital vs. traditional
The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing based on

Digital marketing is seen as an advantage over traditional marketing due to some of these aspects:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Building reputation
  • Compete with big corporations
  • Improve outreach
  • Target specific markets
  • Ability to alter the content

Additionally, being apart of the younger generation is definitely an asset to many companies. First-hand knowledge of current technology is seen as an advantage over the competition. This is due to the vast amounts of new social media and other new products.


Ranking of Colleges with Digital Marketing Majors

Multiple ranking results have been provided to allow comparisons. From top IV League school rankings to the most affordable colleges.  According to, 2018’s best undergraduate business marketing programs are the following 13 colleges.

Ranking  Colleges Reputation Score (out of 5)
 #1  University of Pennsylvania 4.8
#2   University of Michigan-Ann Arbor  4.5
#3  New York University 4.3
#4  University of Texas-Austin  4.3
#5  University of California-Berkeley  4.5 
#6  Indiana University-Bloomington   4.1
#7   University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 4.2 
#8   University of Virginia 4.2 
#9   St. Joseph’s University 2.8 
#10 University of Wisconsin-Madison 3.8
#11 University of Southern California 4.1
#12 University of Florida 3.6
#13 University of Notre Dame 4.1




Top Affordable Colleges

When it came to the top 20 affordable colleges, out of the listed 43, with marketing majors available. It is currently stated that Texas A&M University is the most affordable in marketing.  This includes different types of marketing degrees and available credit.

Ranking  Colleges College Affordability Score
 #1 Texas A & M University-College Station 97.0 
#2  University of Minnesota-Duluth 97.0 
#3  Rutgers University (Newark, New Jersey) 96.9
#4  University of Illinois at Chicago 96.8
#5  University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 96.6 
#6  SUNY College at Oswego 96.5 
#7  Rutgers University (Camden, New Jersey) 96.5 
#8  Appalachian State University 96.4 
#9  Saint Cloud State University 96.3
#10 University of Massachusetts Amherst 96.3 
#11 Michigan Technological University 96.2 
#12 Castleton University 96.1 
#13 Lake Area Technical Institute 96.1 
#14 Stony Brook University 96.1 
#15 Winona State University  96.1 
#16  Western Illinois University 96.1
#17  Midwestern State University 96.0 
#18  State University of New York  96.0
#19  Ferris State University 96.0 
#20  Iowa State University  96.0




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