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Quality score is like an assessment for ads and keywords. In Google’s words, “Quality score is a helpful diagnostic tool…”. Using this tool does not give a detailed breakdown on how to run an Adwords account. However, it can be used to measure ad quality. The determined score is an average value calculated with a sample of your ads. Additionally, higher quality ads lead to high Ad ranks and potentially more reach to targeted consumers. Using techniques mentioned later on will bring more customers, conversions and lower costs by increasing Ad relevance.

What Determines Quality Score?

The three variables on recent performance that determine the accounts score are as follows:
(Modeled according to Google)

  1. Expected clickthrough rate: The likelihood that the ad will be clicked
  2. Ad relevance: How closely the ad matches the intent behind a user’s search
  3. Landing page experience: How relevant and easy-to-navigate the page is for users.

With the average of these variables, Google calculates a quality score of 1 to 10 and uses them in auctions to determine Ad Rank. The auction is initiated when a user enters a search into google, also known as a user query. However, factors other than the quality score are used during these auctions. Google incorporates a users device, location, and time of day into the ad auctions. 

Areas to Improve Overall Quality

  •  Increase On-site SEO
  • Try adjusting Geographic signals
  • Improve the expected click-through rate (CTR)
  • Change the ad text to contain keywords
  • Analyze your keywords and improve those that are lacking.
  • Make negative keywords to filter out terms that don’t relate to your site.
  • The landing page experience should be easily accessible to the searched terms relevant information.
  • Divide keywords into different ad groups by categories

For more information related to the basics of On-site SEO check out SEO 101


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