Managing your Search Network Campaign

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Small Changes that can Make a Big Impact

When managing a Search Network campaign it can be confusing where to start. There are many settings in Google Adwords that can be used to create a structure that fits different campaign and business goals. Here are a few settings to implement a big impact. 

Ad Scheduling

Some people ask, “I can schedule when my ad shows?” The answer is yes! With Adwords, you can customize ads to run at specific times and days.

For example, your business hours are from 8am-9pm Monday through Thursday and 8am-6pm on Fridays. Adwords can show your ads during these exact hours to help reach your goals. Additionally, If Fridays between 12pm-4pm are when one of your ads performs the best. You can make a bid adjustment on this ad for this time and day.

However, if you choose to not specify an ad schedule, then your ads will run all days and hours. This is something I advise you to definitely alter. You wouldn’t want to pay for an ad a user clicks on at 3 am that doesn’t benefit your business. If it benefits your business structure because users make purchases at all hours of the day, then it’s not problematic to leave it alone

Choosing the right Ad Delivery

In choosing the right ad delivery there are only two options. You can either choose standard delivery or accelerated delivery. Simple enough, right? What makes this setting nothing to worry about? The default setting of the standard delivery is almost always the best choice for every advertiser. Here I’ll explain the difference in each and why they should be used.

  • Standard delivery: spends your budget evenly across the entire day.
    • Why use it: Helps you reach customers evenly throughout the day. This especially useful if you have a small budget. It will help you avoid spending your whole budget before morning traffic. It’s more beneficial to the majority of advertisers to reach customers in the morning, evening, and night.
  • Accelerated delivery: spends your budget more quickly, usually starting at 12 am. If you have a small budget your ad would stop showing early in the day.
    • Why use it: It’s useful if it’s important that your ad starts showing in the morning and quickly after, up until your average daily budget is met. Better useful if you have a larger budget and wish to show ads quickly starting in the morning.

Not Sure How to Improve Your Account?

Many beginners have trouble getting started on improving their account once it’s set up. Luckily for you, Adwords has a section dedicated to helping you improve your account with suggestions. This section is called Recommendations. Recommendations will expose you to new features, help optimize your budget, keywords, and bids, and improve performance and efficiency overall. 

Here is an example of recommendations from Adwords:

  • Add ad suggestions: Try new versions of your ads and let the best ones show.
  • Add ads to each ad group: Get your ads running by adding ads to each ad group.
  • Add audiences: Get more insightful reporting at no extra cost.
  • Add keywords to each ad group: Get your ads running by adding keywords to each ad group.
  • Pause poorly performing keywords: Reduce wasted spend on keywords that perform poorly.
  • Remove redundant keywords: Make your account easier to manage by removing redundant keywords.
  • Change your device bid adjustments: Optimize your spend on specific devices and increase your return on investment.



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